We're passionate about people and coffee. Whatever your passion, we want to enable you to pursue it in 3 steps.



1. Drink our Coffee


Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur who meticulously crafts their morning cup of coffee, or you simply need the caffeine to start your day, we’ve got coffee for you. Buy some coffee, start your day with purpose.

2. Join the Arcadia Coffee Community


You have purpose, and you give purpose to those around you. Whether working a 9-5 job, going to school, or pursuing a passion, Arcadia Coffee seeks to cultivate a community with purpose. Join us!

3. Learn More, Join the Grind


Information for you on how to get a better cup of coffee from k-cup or Chemex, and full support for wholesale partners. Learn more about us, let us learn more about you, and let’s put purpose to our daily grind.



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Quality is not an accident, it takes sincere effort and attention. I found a quality coffee today and it happened to be roasted in my backyard. I can’t recommend ACR enough. The coffee grabs you, the mission keeps you.

-S.E. from Dahlonega, GA

Where you can find Arcadia Coffee

Coffee Man Cold Brew, Atlanta, GA
City Collective Church, Chattanooga, TN

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