We believe in people, and we love partnering with other people that believe in what they do.

Below are just a few of the places you can find Arcadia Coffee!

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Coffee Man Cold Brew || Atlanta, GA

Think Differently. Brew Differently. More than a tagline, CMCB’s founders Devin and Nick are committed to create a totally new type of cold brew. There has been a rise in the popularity of kombucha, craft beer, and other creative beverages, so why can’t cold brew coffee join in on the fun? Coffee Man Cold Brew makes cold brew coffee bags you can brew at home with fruits, spices, and direct trade (Arcadia) coffee to create funky fresh flavors. They put farmers first, and foster a sprit of creativity in their journey to innovate. Reimagine your cold brew, try Coffee Man Cold Brew made exclusively with Arcadia Coffee Roasters direct trade coffee.


Native Kitchen || Dalton, GA

Whether over great food or a great cup of coffee, Native Kitchen put plainly is a place where community happens. What is unique about Native Kitchen is that their food is not only good, but equally as good for you. Life is healthy in community, and life is healthy when you’re filling your body with the right food and drink. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, fill your body with some good, and do your soul good while you’re at it.



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City Collective Church || Chattanooga, TN

City Collective has a mission to be a people who are loving God and living in community for the sake of their city of Chattanooga. As one of our partners since the very beginning, countless conversations have been had over a cup of Arcadia Coffee. Weekly meetings are at 10am Sundays at the Signal in Chatt. Check it out, and drink some fresh brewed Arcadia Coffee while you’re there!

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