Gov't Shutdown & ACR Launch


As many of you know, the government is shut down. In other words, some of the most powerful people in our country are sitting in Washington refusing to meet on a middle ground on the issue of “the wall.” What is more harder for me to accept than the issues in Washington, is that Arcadia Coffee cannot begin selling coffee on our website until we hear back from the IRS… you know, the ones that are currently shut down.

Win and I have been dreaming about Arcadia Coffee for a very long time. Heck when we were little kids we would imagine if we were business owners. We loved the fact that we could make something of our own that would make people happy and give them a sense of fulfillment. Fast forward a decade or so and those dreams have begun to be realized. Genuinely sometimes Win and I just sit there and consider the fact that we are just semi-adults, dreaming like we’re kids.

Yesterday we went for a drive through the mountains and reminisced on Arcadia Coffee. There has not been a single event in the history of the business that has not been perfectly timed. Every sale, every interaction, every relationship built, and every door opened has been worked out for us and all we’ve had to do is look at each other, nod our heads, and walk through.

Coming into the new year, Win and I had huge plans. We are starting relationships with wholesale partners, we are introducing new coffees, we are providing guides to brewing coffee better, and we are developing a community of ordinary people living extraordinary lives. The level of excitement and momentum that has been culminating around ACR in the past month or so has been huge, and we are so excited to share our stories and learn about yours.

Circling back around to the government shutting down–our plans to launch the business have been stalled due to not being able to proceed without the IRS. I mentioned that up to this point, everything has simply fallen into place in perfect timing. Win and I wholeheartedly believe that, but what we also believe is that this time of waiting is no different!

Stay with us as we seek to realize our mission and the story we want to create with you.


Asher Griffith

Arcadia Coffee Roasters

January 2019