A Summer Away

PEOPLE. That’s what life is about isn’t it? Loving them, serving them, giving them hope. That applies to coffee--loving farmers enough to give them a fair price for their crop so that they can have hope of a steadier, more joy-filled life. Loving customers enough to strive to keep prices reasonable, while striving for the highest quality product. Those principles apply to life outside of coffee even more so. For our founder, this summer, that took the form of loving campers ages 7-18 for nine weeks of the summer. It took the form of serving counselors, and making them feel supported in their efforts of loving campers. Add those two things together and you’re in the business of providing hope to a generation that is more hurting and lost than any generation before.

When ACR was founded in early 2018, Asher had already committed to working on leadership at Camp Glisson in Dahlonega. What ensued was the challenge of balancing a business that as been his dream for years, with the reality of putting it on hold to pursue hope for the souls of thousands of campers that would be entering into Glisson’s gates over the summer. The summer was full of life change for so many campers, as well as Asher’s life. Don’t we all need some refocusing about what life is all about from time to time? For those whose orders over the summer were fulfilled slower than usual, thank you for your grace and patience. For those looking to try some good bean, and support sustainability locally and abroad, the time is now. ACR is in the process of revamping our packaging, our website, and our mission. Look out for announcements about new coffee, events where ACR is popping up, and ways that you can get involved. As always, we are striving to make “specialty” coffee accessible to all--whether you’re a barista, an avid Keurig user, or someone who knows nothing at all about coffee. It doesn’t matter. Why? Because more than ACR is about coffee, ACR is about PEOPLE.

Arcadia Coffee Roasters

Dahlonega, GA

August 2018